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his book was written based on published sources (see the references at the end of the book, as well as the opinions, studies and photographs of the above mentioned authors).
Thus, the interpretations and opinions presented are not necessarily according to those ofs other authors. This new theory – suggested by us – about the building of the pyramids, provides a description, achievable, of the way the Great Pyramid of Egypt could have been easier built, based on the tools and knowledge available at that time.
In our descriptions, the readers shall discover possible technical inconsistencies and interpretation mistakes and we thank them and congratulate them for that, because this is the way we started this book ourselves, by analyzing and studying the theories issued so far up so far.
Talk to your friends and relatives about this new theory – even argue about it – and you will be surprised by how many new possibilities of placing the Pharaoh’s Room you may discover.
The best and easiest way to gather information and find ways to solve the issues that seem neverending is by asking and answering, this is why we will repeat intentionally certain paragraphs that may lead to new questions. This means progress to find the true way the architect Hemiunu calculated, designed and accomplished the Great Pyramid.
We would love to hear from you whether you agree with or not to our new theory and the methods of building the Great Pyramid. Please send us your suggestions and comments at (phone +40 788 257 143)

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